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Kensu Community Edition

Dive into a free and unlimited-time developer environment and discover how to get to resolutions faster and cut data operations costs.

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What's in the Community Edition?

The Kensu Community Edition offers to quickly build and use Kensu’s agent-based approach to deliver real-time, contextual data observations with a free, unlimited-time developer environment.

With this Community Edition, you have the opportunity to freely understand and deliver the potential value of data observability within their own organizations: lower maintenance costs, mitigation of risks related to data incidents, and better scalability.

What to expect from this Community Edition?

By signing up, you'll get the opportunity to:

  • Embed Kensu agents and monitor data pipelines in real-time
  • Explore different use cases and learn about data observability at source
  • Get access to product and learning resources

Any questions?

We are always happy to discuss how our Data Observability solution allows data teams to reduce risks and costs related to data incidents. If you have any questions regarding this Community Edition or Data Observability in general, please do not hesitate to contact us below.

Kensu Community Edition

Welcome to the first and only Community Edition for Data Observability!

Please fill out the sign-up form to directly get access to it.