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You've missed one of our talks or simply would like to watch or listen to it again?
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"AI tools are bad without the right data" - Andy Petrella at Big Data LDN 2023


Andy Petrella, Kensu Chief Product Officer and Founder, spoke with Enterprise Management 360 about common challenges customers face with their data.

Data Observability Core to Data Strategy for 92% of Leaders: CDO Magazine & Kensu Report


Our CEO Eleanor Treharne-Jones joined Robert Lutton from CDO Magazine to discuss "The State of Data Observability" research.

Kensu Brings Data Observability to Data Engineers


Our founder Andy Petrella was invited by Daniel Myers (Snowflake) to explore what an organization can do to troubleshoot flawed data sets before they get into the hands of end-users.

Learn Data Engineering


Our founder Andy Petrella was invited by Andreas Kretz (Learn Data Engineering) to discuss Data Observability and why it is a game changer for data engineers.


Monday Morning Data Chat


Kensu's founder, Andy Petrella, joined the Monday Morning Data Chat to discuss Data Observability Driven Development (DODD), the modern data space, and much more.

The Ravit Show


Our founder Andy Petrella was invited to The Ravit Show where the host, Ravit Jain, interviews influential people from the Data industry.

DATAcated - Mitigating Datastrophes


In this video, we discuss how Data Observability, and especially the DODD method (Data Observability Driven Development), can help prevent "datastrophes".

The Data Nerd Herd


This podcast episode, featuring our founder Andy Petrella, focuses on Data Observability Driven Development, the past and future of data engineering and much more!


Infinite Machine Learning


This podcast episode, featuring our founder Andy Petrella, covers a range of topics including: data observability, being a founder, being an O'Reilly author, and creating open source softwares. 


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