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Webinar Series

Discover our different series of webinars designed for data professionals.

Data Observability in Practice

Discover “Data Observability in Practice”, our series of webinars designed for data practitioners.
During the sessions, our expert will discuss how to get the most out of Data Observability in different applications such as Spark, dbt, and Snowflake.

Kensu Azure Data Factory webinar replay - visual for website


How Kensu empowers Microsoft users with proactive Data Observability

Microsoft Azure Data Factory is a data management platform designed for unified reporting across a multitude of data sources. This session's host will outline how to make Azure Data Factory activities data observable so you can more confidently generate reliable insights to drive decision making for your organization.

Deliver reliable data at scale with Matillion and Kensu replay - visual for website


Deliver reliable data at Scale with Matillion and Kensu

Your data team can leverage the Kensu Circuit Breaker in conjunction with the rules in Kensu, which will stop your Matillion job’s execution if any data incident arises, acting as a proactive protection against delivering inaccurate or incomplete data. Watch this webinar to learn how to maximize the potential of Kensu with Matillion.

Webinar Databricks Replay - visual for website


Ensure data reliability, performance, and compliance with Databricks and Kensu

Watch our expert detail how Kensu data observability solution observations contextualize the problem for data incidents and provide Databricks users with the contextual insights needed to expedite root cause analysis, ensuring total trust and confidence in the data given to end users. 

Webinar DO in practice - Snowflake replay visual


How to guarantee data reliability in a Snowflake environment

Snowflake is a performing platform to leverage huge volumes of data. But when a data issue arises, it can be challenging to troubleshoot it before it impacts users. Join our expert and discover how to make data observable in a Snowflake environment to resolutions faster.

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Make your data observable in dbt with Kensu

Troubleshooting data incidents can be a challenge in a complex dbt environment. Join this session and see how Kensu makes data observable in real-time so you can immediately find the root causes of data issues and prevent them from propagating across your environment.

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The Power of Kensu with Apache Spark

Spark is powerful in transforming, organizing, and moving data. Still, it can leave data teams blind when it comes to data reliability. Join this webinar and discover with our expert how to monitor the health of a data pipeline within Spark when jobs are running, so you get immediate observability. 


Join these sessions and listen to data experts covering a broad spectrum of topics to help you improve data reliability, lower maintenance costs, and scale up data usage.

Online event - Webinar - 2023-06-16 - Data and AI Transformation Organisational gaps to fill with Kensu logo Replay


Data and AI Transformation: Organisational gaps to fill

Watch this session and gain insights on data and AI in transformation and the key elements that support these changes in complex organizations. Our speakers explore the critical intersection between data teams and the rest of the business. They also delve into the operating gap and discuss the value gap and the measurement of success.

Webinar replay data analytics with data mesh - visual


Enabling autonomous data analytics at scale with data mesh

Watch this webinar and hear about the challenges of big data in enterprises and the implementation of data mesh at scale and what it means in terms of organization, processes and technical challenges. Finally, our experts discuss scaling up analytics across different countries.

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Data Catalog and Data Observability: Discover their synergies and benefits

In a complex data environment, it’s hard to see what’s happening to your data. Data observability is the solution. If you want to go a step further, exposing this information to the organization is a data-centricity enabler, and to achieve this, a Data Catalog is critical.

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Is Data Observability just a hype?

Data Observability is getting on the radar of the most efficient data teams and the leading consulting firms. How is this new category different from existing solutions? And why should data teams consider it? Watch this replay and separate the benefits from the hype.

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How can data teams scale up by going beyond "data quality?"

For years data teams have worked with data quality solutions, stumbling upon the same difficulties that stop them from scaling up their activities. Watch this replay and discover a new approach that offers data reliability at scale.

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Boost your data strategy by leveraging Data Observability and Data Mesh

As data is not driving the business anymore but is the business, data teams have to manage data usage at scale. To do so, they can leverage two new trends: data mesh and data observability. Watch this webinar to find out more about both.

Chris Ford webinar replay visual


Data Mesh for young and old

Join our CPO Andy Petrella and Chris Ford from ThoughtWorks to hear about the value of Data Mesh for both young scale-ups and established enterprises. They'll discuss the challenges faced by those companies and their journey to adoption which is heavily influenced by the stage of life of their business.

O'Reilly Authors

Meet O'Reilly authors bestsellers! During the different sessions, our experts will discuss their O'Reilly books and professional experiences, and answer all the questions you may have. These interactive AMA sessions are a must for data professionals looking for inspiration.

Visual Matt Housley


AMA with Matt Housley, author of Fundamentals of Data Engineering

Matthew Housley, co-author of the world best-sellers, "The Fundamentals of Data Engineering" will be with us for this AMA session! It is an excellent opportunity for all data engineers, recovering data scientists, or analytics engineers to-be to hear more about the story behind the book, the connection with Matt's Math background, and what is coming next that you don't want to miss!

Webinar with Noah Gift visual replay


AMA with Noah Gift, author of Implementing MLOps in the Enterprise

Discover the ultimate guide to implementing MLOps in your enterprise! Join us and gain valuable insights from Noah, our expert speaker. Whether you're exploring chatgpt or Python programming, you'll leave with answers to your burning questions. Don't miss this opportunity to shed light on your queries!

Webinar AMA Jeff and Patrick - replay visual


AMA with Patrick McFadin and Jeff Carpenter, author of Managing Cloud Native Data on Kubernetes

Find out more about the authors of the book every data architect, engineer, manager, and more needed to manage their data in the cloud - Managing Cloud Native Data on Kubernetes.
This topic has been controversial for years because it can be tricky. It "just" needed sound thinking and experimentation. 

Webinar AMA Adi Polak - Replay visual


AMA with Adi Polak, author of Scaling Machine Learning with Spark

Find out more about the O'Reilly book "Scaling Machine Learning with Spark" and its author! As Vice President of Developer Experience at Treeverse, Adi shapes the future of data & ML technologies for hands-on builders. She is also an advisor for conferences like Data & AI Summit, Scale by the Bay, and others. 

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AMA with Hala Nelson, author of Essential Math for AI

Find out more about Hala Nelson during this discussion about her experience writing the O'Reilly book dedicated to companies scrambling to integrate AI into their systems and needing an accessible guide walking their data teams through the math necessary to thrive in the AI field - focusing on real-world applications rather than dense academic theory.

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AMA with Joe Reis, author of Fundamentals of Data Engineering

Find out more about the O'Reilly book "Fundamentals of Data Engineering" and its author! From statistical modeling, forecasting, machine learning, data engineering, and data architecture, Joe has an extensive experience that's worth listening to for any data professionals looking for inspiration!

La Data dans tous ses états

Dans cette série de webinars en français, nous abordons avec nos invités le sujet de la Data Observability,
mais aussi des hot topics de la Data en général. 

Online event - Webinar - 2023-06-16 - Replay - 7 erreurs à éviter


Les 7 erreurs à éviter lorsque vous implémentez Data Mesh

Sur un thème bon enfant autour de la bande dessinée, chère aux coeurs de Jean-Georges & Andy, venez a la découverte des sept boulettes a éviter dans l'implementation de Data Mesh dans votre organisation, qui pourraient se transformer en 101 schtroumpfs.

Data dans tous ses états Pascale Assémat webinar - replay visual


Vis ma vie de data leader dans un grand groupe

Lors de ce webinar nous discutons du quotidien de data leader, de la mise en place d'une stratégie data et de la gestion des investissements qui deviennent de plus en plus importants et challengés, ainsi que de la fidélisation des talents. 

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Data Catalog et Data Observability: Découvrez leurs synérgies et bénéfices

Dans un environnement de données complexe, il est de plus en plus difficile d'analyser vos données. La Data Observability est la solution. Si vous voulez aller plus loin, l'exposition de ces informations à l'organisation est un catalyseur de la centralisation des données, et pour y parvenir, un catalogue de données est essentiel.

Webinar Replay

The State of Data Observability: Building the Foundation for Reliable Data and Generative AI

Gain insights firsthand from three global data executives who participated in the study and are panelists on this webinar. You’ll get to dig into the State of Data Observability research findings, get the details behind the data, and gain valuable learnings to apply in your own organization.

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