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Achieve data observability—smarter, faster, and safer

In a complex data environment,  it’s hard to see what’s happening to your data. Data observability is the solution. Observing data in its context is how it’s done right. 

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Get to resolutions faster

Kensu customers typically experience a 50% reduction in resolution time.

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“That is something I could have used a lot of times before!”

Andreas Kretz
Learn Data Engineering - Founder

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Cut data operations costs

A 60-80% reduction is common for companies that fully adopt Kensu.

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Data Environment

Don’t worry about your data environment

Kensu can be deployed in any data environment: on-prem, hybrid, cloud, or multi-cloud. 

Powerful. Simple. Scalable. 

One solution for on-prem or cloud. Two lines of code to integrate. Three hours to initiate. Four weeks to scale.

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