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Interview Series

Learn from data industry leaders

Get inspiration from this interview series, where we discuss topics such as Leadership, Governance & Data Quality, and Data Observability with data leaders from various industries.

Watch the videos below and find out more about the role of Chief Data Officer and how it is evolving, how to create a culture of data quality in your company, and the key outcomes of Data Observability.

CDO Magazine Interview #1

Steve Muskopf

Screenshot CDO Interview with Steve Muskopf

Meet Steve Muskopf, Director of Data and Advanced Analytics at IGS Energy, and find out more about the innovative way he structured his teams in order to facilitate mentoring and quick problem resolution. 

Kensu's CEO, Eleanor Treharne-Jones, and Steve also discuss the future career paths in an industry where Data jobs and Analytics jobs are becoming one, and a technical background is more and more often required.  

Finally, hear about how Data Observability is helping teams being more proactive by adding a layer of visibility before problems arise.

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