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Make data breakdowns disappear

With Kensu, a single engineer can solve data problems that currently take a full team weeks—in less than an hour. 

Broken pipeline
Product Rules v3

Deploy data observability faster with recommended rules

Kensu’s Profiler leverages insights about data at rest and in motion to recommend monitoring rules so you can accelerate the expansion of data observability coverage in minutes.

Set up observability agents without touching code

Kensu’s Agent Remote Controller lets you quickly configure the observability agents through a user-friendly interface without touching the application code base. 

Agent Remote Controller
Circuit breaker

Freeze applications automatically and avoid
issues propagation

Kensu Circuit Breaker can require an application to stop working as soon as an incident has been detected, so you have time to solve the issue before it hits users.

Learn when something goes wrong, instantly

Kensu Notifier sends an alert when a rule fails, while Kensu Tickets reveals the affected data source and what went wrong.

Product Notifier
Product Lineage

Understand what happened and why

Kensu Explorer uses the data lineage to reveal the underlying causes of the issue, with detailed metrics on what’s changed in the affected data pipeline.

Dig in, analyze the issue, and cut resolution time in half

Kensu Observations illuminates the backstory behind the problem for every affected data source.

Product Observations

Powerful. Simple. Scalable. 

One solution for on-prem or cloud. Two lines of code to integrate. Three hours to initiate. Four weeks to scale.

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