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Discover the use case

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Discover the use case

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Trust your data

Ensuring data getting in and out of your Snowflake environment that is more reliable is crucial to optimize your productivity and deliver insights and data products end users can trust.

With Kensu, your data team benefits from advanced data observability capabilities. You can set circuit breakers to prevent issues from propagating and tackle any data incidents twice as fast thanks to contextual insights.

Learn when something goes wrong, instantly

Kensu Notifier sends an alert when a rule fails, while Kensu Tickets reveals the affected data source and what went wrong.

Kensu Notifier (Snowflake use case)
Product Observations

Understand what is happening with your data

Kensu retrieves valuable context about the data sources processed. In parallel, it connects to tables to retrieve schemas and metrics, allowing data teams to have full visibility over their Snowflake pipelines.

Dig in, analyze the issue, and cut resolution time in half

Kensu Observations illuminate the backstory behind the problem for every affected data source and provides Snowflake users with contextual insights they need to fix the incidents faster.

Lineages (Snowflake use case)
Circuit breaker

Avoid issues propagation

Kensu Circuit Breaker can require an application using Snowflake tables to stop working as soon as an incident has been detected, so you have time to solve the issue before it hits users.

Book an introductory call

To discover the full potential of the integration, between Kensu and Snowflake, book an introductory call with our team and start your journey toward better data reliability.

After attending your personalized demo, you will receive your copy of the O'Reilly book "The Fundamentals of Data Observability" signed by its author and Founder of Kensu, Andy Petrella.

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