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Find out more about Data Observability and Kensu by reading our whitepapers

A guide to Understanding
Data Observability

Data issues have a significant impact on data teams and end-users.

With Data Observability, data teams can prevent these incidents from impacting end users and receive all the insights they need to handle them twice as fast.
Download this whitepaper to get a better understanding of Data Observability and how to monitor the reliability of your data usage in real time. 
White paper - A Guide to Understanding Data Observability v2.4

Data Trends in Banking and Financial Services and how Data Observability supports them

Discover what are the top 6 Data Trends in Banking and Financial Services, and how Data Observability can help support them with automated tasks such as controlling and alerting on data issues, and identifying redundant data.

In a world where more complex analytics requirements arise, we are seeing the proliferation of data pipelines and requests for access to specific data sets. The data engineering teams are struggling to keep up. The last thing they need to be doing is spending more time than necessary troubleshooting broken pipelines and finding data quality issues.

With this whitepaper, written in collaboration with Agile Lab, you'll get a better understanding of practical ways Data Observability can be a great asset for data professionals in the banking industry, with real-life examples such as how the Kensu Platform is helping UniCredit's data teams.

White paper - Banking and Financial Services v2.6