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Kensu extends Data Observability support for Microsoft users with its Azure Data Factory integration

SAN FRANCISCO, CA., October 26, 2023 — Kensu, the Data Observability company, today announced an integration with Azure Data Factory, the serverless data integration service. With this integration, teams can observe data within their Azure Data Factory pipelines and receive valuable insights into data lineage, schema changes, and performance metrics. As one of the few Data Observability providers available to support customers on-premise, multi-cloud, or hybrid environments, Kensu is broadening access to Data Observability for Microsoft users. 

The “State of Data Observability” research report published with CDO Magazine determined that 58% of data management leaders reporting the amount of time spent detecting, addressing, and resolving data pipeline issues is creating conflicts with data consumers¹.

Azure Data Factory is a data management platform designed for unified reporting across a multitude of data sources, enabling teams to collect, transform, manage, analyze, and convert data through pipelines composed of activities. This integration with Kensu will equip data teams using the Microsoft ecosystem to handle data issues, arrive at resolutions twice as fast, and provide reliable data to end users. 

Kensu gathers metadata from Azure Data Factory pipeline runs and datasets used in the pipelines, feeding valuable insights into data lineage, schema changes, and performance metrics. Data teams are then able to observe data within their Azure Data Factory pipelines to receive valuable insights, as well as manage tickets within Azure Devops and alerts in Microsoft Teams.

The Kensu Circuit Breaker component can be directly imported into an Azure Data Factory environment and incorporated into any desired pipeline. Once in place, the Kensu interface allows activating or deactivating the rules that govern the circuit breaker's operation in a few clicks. Kensu allows data teams to leverage custom Rules in the Kensu platform in conjunction with the Circuit Breaker to halt an activity if data reliability standards are not met. 

The Circuit Breaker is critical for swiftly identifying and resolving data incidents. As it stands, only 7% of data management leaders reported that their teams could identify data issues before they impacted users².

“While data management platforms such as Azure Data Factory streamline orchestrating data movement and transforming data at scale, Kensu operates to supply data teams with the necessary information to stop the spread of bad data across pipelines,” said Eleanor Treharne-Jones, Chief Executive Officer of Kensu. “By supplying this integration, data teams can more confidently run their activities to generate reliable insights to drive business decision making.”

The integration with Azure Data Factory integration will be generally available in November, 2023. However, data teams can already discover its capabilities by visiting or booking a demo on

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