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Data observability at the source

Monitor data in real-time.
Cut resolution time in half.
Restore trust in data.

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Instead of cleaning
up data messes,
prevent them

If you can only observe data downstream from pipelines, you can only troubleshoot after flawed data hits stakeholders.

Monitor data in real time

Kensu’s agent-based deployment approach is setting the standard for the industry.

Product Rules v2
Product Lineage

Troubleshoot faster and smarter

Instantly identify the root cause, every impacted system, and the best person to call when something goes wrong.

More trust,
less wasted time

Kensu’s agent-based deployment guides data teams to the best solution in the shortest time, building trust and efficiency. 

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Avatar Stephen Catanzano

“Data Observability from Kensu uses agents embedded in each application to gather data faster, cut resolution times in half and create the confidence and trust in data required by data users, including data scientists, DataOps, management, and consumers.”

Stephen Catanzano
Senior Analyst Enterprise Strategy Group 

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What is Data Observability and How Does it Improve Data Quality?

Want to learn about
Data Observability?
We're writing the
definitive book on it.

Read The Fundamentals of Data Observability, by Kensu’s founder and Chief Product Officer Andy Petrella.

Avatar Andy Petrella

Andy Petrella
Founder and Chief Product
Officer, Kensu

OReilly Book