Who we are

Kensu is a solution in the business of fast-forwarding companies to digital maturity.

We help you discover the possibilities that lay behind your business data processes.


By throwing Kensu into the gears of your organization you get the opportunity of making your data accountable. We help you turn data from an ungraspable value into real-dollar money.

Discover how we do it




Kensu is a Data Intelligence Manager

Kensu’s Data Intelligence Manager or DIM is the first solution to integrate data science and artificial intelligence to monitor, identify, verify, and provide real-time insight into how sensitive data in organizations is being managed. Single pane of glass observation and comprehensive reporting solves the previously manual process of identifying, tracking, and updating of the thousands or millions of records across its various systems, tools and data repositories.


It takes us about 4 weeks to set up a proof of concept and 90 days to rediscover your data.

Kensu helps you build confidence in your data. Which on its own terms provides you and your teams with renewed enthusiasm for data modeling and venturing into the world of profitable growth through data. Did we mention the bonus of being supported in your journey towards becoming GDPR compliant?

Kensu is available on-premises or in the cloud. Do not wait it out until Google understands your data better than you. We need 4 weeks to set up a proof of concept. Contact us.