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Kensu Team: Vincenza Giunco

As Kensu continues to set the standard for Data Observability, we’re highlighting the team members driving this success to understand, in their words, a little bit more about them. Read on to learn more about Vincenza Giunco, Frontend Developer at Kensu.

Team at Kensu: ENGINEERING
Time with Kensu: 1 YEAR, 8 MONTHS


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What led you to a career in engineering?

After graduating with a degree in math and a break period, I was contacted by an IT consultancy company to join a Java/SQL course that could lead to a potential job. I decided to join because I did not have clear ideas about what to do after graduating. Fortunately, I enjoyed it, and the company hired me. 

What is your background before working for Kensu?

Before Kensu, I was a front-end developer for a sports betting company. 

What is a typical day as a Front End Developer at Kensu?

Well, it depends! If we have a release under QA campaign, it’s almost guaranteed that I’ll open Slack in the morning and find a message that something has to be improved on the front end. :D

All jokes aside, I’d say that it really depends on which day within the sprint it is. There are days when we must focus on the specification review by working with the rest of the engineering and product teams to study the incoming specs and ensure that they become workable activities. On other days, we focus entirely on the code because a release must be validated. 

Generally, every day we work closely with the backend team to define and discuss the data models needed. We also ensure the dependencies are kept up to date, and we are oriented to remove all legacy parts from our codebase as soon as possible, according to our priorities.

What have you learned since joining Kensu?

One thing that I surely owe to Kensu, and that I'm still learning to do, is that you get the right answers by asking the right questions. Before Kensu, I didn't know how important this was. At Kensu, every developer can discuss the work to do with all the company players, with the product team, for instance. 

I’ve always loved team collaboration, but I didn’t fully understand what teamwork truly meant until I worked at Kensu.  At Kensu, you are never alone. Even as a remote-first company, this is even more remarkable! And finally, I’ve been able to strengthen my technical skills by working alongside some brilliant colleagues on a daily basis. 

What quote inspires you? Why?

“Change is never painful, just resistance to change is.”

I think of this sentence each time I'm afraid of doing something new. I tend to be a bit scared of changes and things I don't know, so I sometimes have to fight against myself.

Why did you choose to work for Kensu?

The same fear of the unknown I mentioned above led me to join Kensu. I was fascinated by the data world, which was a black box to me. 

Describe Kensu in 3 words.

Not exactly 3 words, but:
1. Open-minded
2. Future-oriented
3. Confident

What are you passionate about outside of working for Kensu?

I enjoy cooking, specifically cakes and other desserts! I also started learning recipes for the first and second courses a few months ago.

How do you recharge? 

I love spending about 2 hours at the swimming pool! When I leave there, I am a completely different person from the one who entered it. This time allows me to relax and eliminate any worries … they vanish completely. I love being in the water and am lucky enough to live 10 km from the sea. In the summer, I swim there whenever possible.

What is your favorite movie of all time?

My favorite movie is a really romantic one, The Bridges of Madison County, with Meryl Streep, who is also my favorite actress.

What can you typically be found doing on the weekend?

On Saturday mornings,  I'm usually at home cleaning and tidying up.  Afterward, I can be found at the swimming pool doing group activities such as water walking, followed by going to the hairdresser. :) 

My Sundays are usually free days. Sometimes my partner and I spend all day visiting places in our area or simply shopping. Other times, we prefer to stay at home to cook or watch films. 

Kensu defines its values as Customer Focused, Love What you DO, Innovate Always, Make It Happen, and Better Together. Which one resonates with you the most and why?

My manager says that I get the job done quickly and have flexibility that fits the needs of the team. Last year, I was able to bring home complex features. In this sense, I ‘Make It Happen.’

What is your favorite memory from working at Kensu so far?

My favorite memory was when I first met my colleagues in person at Catania! I felt so welcomed.

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