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Kensu partners with Collibra to automate data catalog completion

SAN FRANCISCO, CA., November 1, 2022 -- Kensu, the Data Observability company, today announces its partnership with Collibra, the Data Intelligence company, and the availability of an integration between the two solutions. Kensu’s observability capacities will enrich Collibra’s Catalog with clean, trustworthy, and curated information to enable business users and data scientists to make business decisions based on reliable data.

The Collibra Data Catalog is the cornerstone of many data governance programs as it centralizes information about the data landscape and provides users with end-to-end visibility across their data sources. However, maintaining data catalogs consumes more resources as data environments become increasingly complex. Data teams now work with hundreds or thousands of internal and external data sources to feed reports and models which can become tedious. Inaccurate and incomplete data can diminish stakeholders’ trust and the value they get from it.

Kensu’s data observability solution provides data teams visibility on when and where data is processed. Its integration with Collibra solves the problem of maintaining data catalogs. Kensu’s observability agents can automatically populate hundreds of data sources, including the schema of data, and feed Collibra seamlessly with this information. Without effort, the information provided by Kensu creates real-time visibility on the data value chain, lowering maintenance costs, reinforcing trust in data catalogs, and allowing users to make business decisions based on reliable data.

Speaking ahead of Data Citizens ‘22, Eleanor Treharne-Jones CEO of Kensu said: “This partnership is a leap toward data management efficiency. The integration between Kensu and Collibra gives data teams greater visibility over data, lower maintenance costs, and helps keep data management programs on track, reinforcing the trust in data, data catalogs, and data teams”.