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As data teams now work with hundreds or thousands of internal and external data sources to feed reports and models, maintaining those oft-changing sources within the data catalog has become onerous.

Our observability solution will enrich Collibra’s catalog with clean, trustworthy, and curated information to enable business users and data scientists to make business decisions based on reliable data.

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Fuel your governance team

Integrating Kensu with Collibra provides information about when and where data is processed, which solves the challenge of maintaining data catalogs. Our observability agents can automatically populate hundreds of data sources, including the schema of data, and feed Collibra seamlessly with this information.

You can now automatically enrich Collibra and empower your team with:

  • Visibility on when and where data is processed
  • Complete data schema mapping
  • Automated data discovery and creation of data pipeline sources and assets

About Kensu

Our Data Observability solution goes beyond simply scanning data files and collecting application logs. It also monitors data directly within the applications that read and write it. This approach provides more accurate insight about the data, drastically reducing data issue resolution time and restore trust in data along the value chain.

About Collibra

Collibra's Data Intelligence solution removes the complexity of data management to give the perfect balance between powerful analytics and ease of use. Their platform unlocks data to solve problems, implement ideas and grow business. Hundreds customers use their platform inclusive of data catalog, governance, quality and privacy solutions.

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