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Announcing O’Reilly’s Fundamentals of Data Observability by Kensu Founder, Andy Petrella

SAN FRANCISCO, CA., August 24, 2022 — Kensu, the Data Observability company, today announced the release of “Fundamentals of Data Observability: Implement Trustworthy End-to-End Data Solutions,” written by Kensu Founder Andy Petrella and published by O’Reilly Media. This book is the first to educate the market about data observability and its capabilities to build and maintain reliable data environments at scale. Already available for free on the Kensu website, the author will officially present it at the Big Data London Conference on September 21, 2023. 

The volume and complexity of data processes have kept increasing for years, reducing data teams' visibility and control over their data infrastructures. Their ability to guarantee reliable data has shrunk simultaneously, with data incidents forcing them to spend time maintaining data applications instead of developing new solutions, inevitably impacting the value delivered to end-users and their trust in the data they receive.

In O’Reilly’s Fundamentals of Data Observability, Author Andy Petrella details ways to introduce data observability in existing data infrastructures for generating, collecting, and processing all the insights required to have complete visibility over data environments. He also unveils the best practices to identify and troubleshoot data issues and prevent them from propagating in data applications and pipelines before they finally affect end users.

Emily Gorcenski, Principal Data Scientist at Thoughtworks, who reviewed the book prior to its publication, said: “I've seen businesses of all sizes struggle with data platform reliability time and time again. Andy's book provides both a theoretical and practical foundation for addressing this challenge head-on. The text explores the principles of data observability and backs these up with technical implementations designed to address the common and repeated patterns that plague data teams. This book is a must-read for any technologist tired of struggling with data quality, unreliable platforms, and opaque data pipelines.”

In this book, data teams who depend on the reliability of their data to deliver consistent value will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover the principles and benefits of data observability
  • Use data observability to identify, troubleshoot, and prevent data incidents
  • Follow practical guidelines to implement observability in existing data environments
  • Understand how to educate peers about the capabilities and benefits of data observability
  • Create an efficient communication framework with data users

Ahead of Big Data London, Petrella says: “This book represents nearly a decade of investigation and innovation in data observability to help data teams searching to improve the reliability of their data infrastructures to increase their productivity and stop bad data from hurting their business. The book provides the information these teams need to scale up their activities and increase the value they deliver day-to-day.  I am also honored to partner with O’Reilly and grateful to those who supported me through this project.“