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Data Observability, Quality & Reliability within Modern Data Stack

[Online event - 17/05]

Register now! This talk will explain how Data Observability helps organizations improve dynamics between teams, increase confidence in analytics, and even take part in the Data Mesh architecture.


What is Data Observability, and why should data teams consider it?

[Online event - 24/05]

Register now! Learn how Data Observability can help detect and stop incident propagation by tracking data usage across systems and applications in real time. 



Monday Morning Data Chat


Kensu's CEO, Andy Petrella, joined the Monday Morning Data Chat to discuss Data Observability Driven Development (DODD), the modern data space, and much more.


The Data Nerd Herd


This podcast episode, featuring our CEO Andy Petrella, focuses on Data Observability Driven Development, the past and future of data engineering and much more!


The Ravit Show


Our CEO Andy Petrella was invited to The Ravit Show where the host, Ravit Jain, interviews influential people from the Data industry.

DATAcated - Mitigating Datastrophes


In this video, we discuss how Data Observability, and especially the DODD method (Data Observability Driven Development), can help prevent "datastrophes".

What is Data Observability ... ?


Data teams have grown and evolved to be decentralized, bringing advantages but also increasing expectations and complexity. Our Head of Engineering, Michele Pinto, discusses how Data Observability can help them.