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Kensu launches support for Unity Catalog bringing immediate data observability to thousands of Databricks users.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA., June 22, 2023  Kensu, the 360° Enterprise Data Observability company,  announces support for Databricks Unity Catalog, the unified governance solution for data, analytics, and AI. Kensu’s data observability capacities enable seamless tracking of all internal and external data sources' metadata and generating metrics to automate their monitoring, drastically improving visibility and time to resolution. With this release, Kensu and Databricks users benefit from more reliable data to make better-informed business decisions. 

Unity Catalog removes data management complexities for organizations by centralizing files, tables, machine learning models, and dashboards in one location within the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. This simplification provides teams with a unified space to collaborate, manage, and govern their data assets. However, as data continues to scale to unprecedented volumes, maintaining comprehensive visibility to prevent anomalies in data tables is essential. 

With the Kensu 360º Enterprise Data Observability platform, the information collection process within Unity Catalog is further automated. The Kensu solution automatically collects metadata and metrics about data sources outside the Databricks platform. This automatic tracking of information minimizes work for users to leverage discoverability capabilities, giving data teams the freedom to focus their efforts on prioritizing projects and creating new value rather than troubleshooting errors. As Kensu expands the breadth of data source type coverage within Databricks Unity Catalog, these teams can assume enhanced confidence that their data is trustworthy.    

Speaking ahead of the Databricks Data + AI Summit, Andy Petrella, Founder and Chief Product Officer of Kensu and early evangelist of Apache Spark and the Spark Notebook creator said: “Kensu’s support of Databricks Unity Catalog will capture more context for data teams than ever before with our agent’s automatic metadata collection. Data practitioners leveraging the two solutions gain a real-time seamless view of their data tables, ultimately reinforcing their data as trustworthy to their end users.”

For more information about this integration and to discover how Kensu supports Databricks Unity Catalog, join the Kensu team at booth #60 during the Databricks Data + AI Summit in San Francisco, taking place on June 26-29.