Data-Science for Enterprises

Product Team Contact

Adalog Lifting Data Science to the Enterprise level

A Knowledge driven Data Science platform.


Adalog / UI

Advanced Interactive Programming

Interactive and Reactive Data Science using Scala and Spark based on
Spark Notebook


Adalog / Deploy

One-click Deploy

Bring or update your interactive work live in no time - Data Science teams with no perpetual beta


Adalog / Graph

Knowledge Management

Implicit collaboration between team members and across time based built on top of the organically grown knowledge graph for Data Science


Adalog / Services

Data Science on Data Science

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based services on knowledge to speed up all phases of Data Science projects

A distributed stack dedicated to your Data Science team compliant with Enterprise constraints

Adalog / On-premises

Adalog / In tha Cloud


Andy Petrella
CEO /         
Co-Founder - Mathematics & Computer Science MsC. - Creator of Spark Notebook


Xavier Tordoir
CSO /         
Co Founder - Physics PhD. - Genomics & Quantitative Finance


Gregory Hammad
Data Scientist /         
Physics, Ir. & PhD. - Statistical modelling & Machine learning


François Bayart
Distributed Systems Engineer /         
Entrepreneur - Techy guyrun - Work distributed like a system - Project Follower


Gerard Maas
Lead Engineer /         
Computer Engineer - Architect of Systems - Distributor of Data - IoT Veteran - Fire Bender


Vincent Botta
Data Scientist /         
PhD. in Computer Science, Bioinformatics - Decision Trees grower


Vincent Van Steenbergen
Senior Data Engineer /         
Functional Programmer - Big Data wrangler - Machine Learning addict - Serial entrepreneur


Vidmantas Zemleris
Senior Software Engineer /         
Big Data and Apache Spark expert -
Full-stack developer geek - Jazz dancer


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