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At the Source

Discover “At the source,” our series of webinars designed for data teams. During the different sessions, our experts will cover a broad spectrum of topics to help you improve data reliability, lower maintenance costs, and scale up data usage.

Webinar visual DataGalaxy FR

21 Février 2023
11:00 CET

Data Catalog et Data Observability: Découvrez leurs synérgies et bénéfices

Dans un environnement de données qui se complexifie, il est de plus en plus difficile d'analyser vos données. La Data Observability est la solution. Si vous voulez aller plus loin, l'exposition de ces informations à l'organisation est un catalyseur de la centralisation des données, et pour y parvenir, un catalogue de données est essentiel.

webinar DataGalaxy EN - at the source page

23rd February 2023
17:00 CET / 08:00 PST

Data Catalog and Data Observability: Discover their synergies and benefits

In a complex data environment, it’s hard to see what’s happening to your data. Data observability is the solution. If you want to go a step further, exposing this information to the organization is a data-centricity enabler, and to achieve this, a Data Catalog is critical.

Webinar replay - agile lab


Boost your data strategy by leveraging Data Observability and Data Mesh

As data is not driving the business anymore but is the business, data teams have to manage data usage at scale. To do so, they can leverage two new trends: data mesh and data observability. Watch this webinar to find out more about both.

Webinar replay - is DO just hype?


Is Data Observability just a hype?

Data Observability is getting on the radar of the most efficient data teams and the leading consulting firms. How is this new category different from existing solutions? And why should data teams consider it? Watch this replay and separate the benefits from the hype.

Webinar replay - everything the cdo needs to know


Everything the CDO needs to know to guarantee reliable data.

CDO's work and strategy can be quickly challenged when data issues arise. Watch the replay and learn how data teams can be structured and work together to guarantee reliable data and minimize maintenance costs.

webinar replay - data mesh infrastructure


How to ensure reliable data in a Data Mesh infrastructure?

Data Mesh is revolutionizing our way of structuring and using data, but how can you implement data observability within such a framework? Discover how to minimize data issues when deploying such infrastructure.

webinar replay - 7 things to consider


7 Things to consider when choosing a Data Observability solution.

Adopting a Data Observability solution is key to providing reliable data and lowering maintenance costs. But how to choose the right one? Watch this replay and discover how to analyze the differences between existing solutions.

webinar replay - beyond data quality


How can data teams scale up by going beyond "data quality?"

For years data teams have worked with data quality solutions, stumbling upon the same difficulties that stop them from scaling up their activities. Watch this replay and discover a new approach that offers data reliability at scale.

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Every first Tuesday of the month, join our team to get an introduction to Data Observability, see how the Kensu platform works, and ask any questions you have about it.

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