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Protect sensitive and private data

Discover how adopting an observability platform helps businesses monitor sensitive and private data in an effective and efficient way.


Use case


Gaining a true understanding of customer demographics and behavior is crucial when it comes to conducting efficient marketing, sales, and post-sale activities in any market. Highly targeted actions lead to better conversion and retention rates, making effective targeting one of the most profitable commercial strategies available. However, achieving a precise level of targeting and personalization requires businesses to tap into sources of data that might present challenges due to the sensitive nature of the information collected, such as an individual’s online activities.


In recent years, consumer privacy and the right to control the use of sensitive information has gained widespread attention, and penalties levied against businesses for misuse of data can be severe. Data, IT and business teams are faced with the challenge of manipulating large volumes of information while being mindful of legal constraints, often with limited visibility into the specific usage requirements associated with data sources. Whether due to AI applications assisting with data manipulation, or the inability to control certain data transformations, companies can find themselves exposed to consequences associated with:

  • Use of private and/or sensitive information, e.g. marital status
  • Use of anonymized data in place of personalization, e.g. “Hello Mr. John Doe”
  • Use of third-party data that is has not been approved for use in marketing communications

Inadvertent misuse of sensitive data can lead to misunderstandings and tensions between teams, but more importantly it can result in harm to the company’s brand reputation as well as regulatory violations and costly legal action.

With Kensu

Kensu’s data and analytics observability platform controls and monitors real-time usage of data, including how it is used across different teams, organizational silos, projects and applications. Following a set of rules that can be specific to each project, Kensu can generate alerts that notify teams when:

  • New categories of data are used, e.g. marital status
  • Specific sources of data are included, e.g. social network
  • Data from different environments are used together, e.g. Lab and Production
  • Unexpected fluctuation is detected in the accuracy/precision of algorithms, e.g. deep learning algorithms targeting minorities
  • And many other circumstances


Adopting an observability platform to help businesses monitor sensitive and private data is an effective and efficient way to properly protect this kind of information, giving teams the power to avoid inappropriate data usage.

Kensu delivers a direct benefit to data and IT teams by ensuring that any use of data conforms to allowable usage standards, maximizing confidence in the final results while also minimizing the risk of internal tensions and possible legal issues. At a higher level, business teams also benefit from the ability to implement actions that will result in improved ROI as well as protecting the positive brand image of the company.

To know more

Optimizing data protection is one of the many benefits businesses can achieve with an observability solution. To learn more about how Kensu helps organizations regain and maintain control of their data, contact our team.

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