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Accelerate your time to market

Discover how data observability can help your company increase confidence in its data and the work around it, moving faster than them while keeping your projects under control.


Use case


Innovative companies today have opportunities to leverage massive volumes of data that can lead to discovery or better understanding of specific customer segments, market trends, clients’ needs, and more. By analyzing the data at their disposal that provides a 360-degree view of customer preferences and behaviors, businesses are better equipped than ever to develop new, profitable niche offerings that fulfill untapped market needs.

The race to innovate in highly competitive markets often means adopting a first-to-market strategy that aims to develop and deliver new products and services months ahead of the competition. The goal is to take advantage of an early lead and acquire significant market share before it has a chance to be challenged by competitors entering the same space. Lagging behind a competing business can dramatically jeopardize the return on investment anticipated from development of the new offering, as well as diminish customers’ trust in the brand and their perception of the business as a market leader.


Data teams play an integral role in the process of developing new offerings. They are often asked to analyze and synthesize large amounts of information to help business leaders improve their understanding of customers’ needs, anticipate the appeal and popularity of new products, and determine the timing of new releases. Like other teams, they are under pressure to deliver quickly so the company can stay ahead of the game. However, handling important volumes of complex data is not without its unique challenges, and the pressure to produce fast results can add to the difficulties they face, including:

  • Inconsistent data quality
  • Inability to guarantee availability of requested data
  • Changes to data models over time
  • Failure to perform updates on a regular basis

Challenges like these, which only compound over time if not adequately addressed, are the cause of both large and small “datastrophes.” Lack of proper prevention and quick troubleshooting can cause projects to go off course, resulting in costly delays to new product launches. Late arrival into a new market can not only cause initial loss of market share, it can jeopardize the entire project launch – and even the product itself.

With Kensu

The Kensu observability solution monitors data to ensure it meets quality standards, enabling teams to efficiently develop and run the applications that are designed to identify new trends and signal new market opportunities. Kensu also helps organizations understand how data is being used in real-time, across different applications. More precisely, Kensu helps businesses improve time-to-market speed by:

  • Providing a holistic view of data usage and quality
  • Alerting users to data issues
  • Tracing data manipulation
  • Monitoring flows in real time

As a result, the data team is better equipped to efficiently troubleshoot and prevent data-related issues while remaining focused on developing models and delivering value on time.


Avoiding “datastrophes” today is possible, and should be a top priority of every business with an interest in eliminating wasted time and resources. Kensu enables companies to truly rely on their data, making it possible to:

  • Facilitate and accelerate data usage
  • Improve risk management by preventing further datastrophes
  • Reduce downtime, thanks to efficient troubleshooting
  • Increase productivity of the entire team

For many organizations, Kensu’s data observability solution increases confidence in their data and the work produced with it, giving them the ability to outpace and outperform the competition, remain ahead of the market, and keep high-value projects under control.

To know more

Accelerating time to market is just one of the many benefits of our observability solution. To learn more about how Kensu helps companies like yours move faster, contact our team.

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