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7 Things to consider when choosing a Data Observability solution

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About the webinar

Andy Petrella

Andy Petrella

Founder and CPO @Kensu

To face the continuously increasing volume of data and efficiently tackle data issues, data teams are now adopting Data Observability. This new solution category helps lower maintenance costs, mitigate risks, and scale up their productivity.

However, among the different solutions available on the market, it is often a challenge to choose the one that will fit the data team's structure and needs.

Our expert detailed in this session which internal and external information data teams should carefully analyze when adopting a Data Observability solution, from their team's structure to their existing stack.

What you will learn

In this webinar, we discussed the main elements you should consider when adopting a Data Observability platform, so you don’t pick the cheapest or the fanciest solution, but the one that answers your team’s needs.