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Data Observability in Action Tour

About the Tour

Join our exclusive roundtable events for senior data executives, get feedback from the field,
and brainstorm with your peers to accelerate your strategic data initiatives.

Participate and get involved in an exclusive session to brainstorm with users and adopters. Understand how data observability supports data strategies, including yours. Get feedback from practitioners about the generated value and translate it to your organization.

Pick your session

London Skyline for DO in Action Tour page

September 2023 | London

Paris skyline for DO in action tour

September 2023 | Paris

Rome skyline for DO in action tour

October 2023 | Rome

Milan -  DO in action tour

November 2023 | Milan

Madrid skyline - DO in action tour

November 2023 | Madrid

Why should you attend?


Immerse yourself in a comprehensive range of Data Observability use cases and obtain valuable feedback from the field.


Take full advantage of this opportunity to share and analyze your organization’s needs.


Meet and connect with
like-minded data executives,
exchange insights, and
share your experiences.