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Linux Systems Engineer 

What you do

You will be in the Infrastructure and Operations Team, we are responsible to maintain servers, cloud providers, packaging, and security. 

  • You will work closely with others systems engineers to achieve your projects.

  • You will work on the creation, packaging, and maintenance of the Kensu product.

  • You will automate and test all the deployments in a challenging enterprise environment (f.i. offline).

  • You will be responsible for support communication with all teams.

  • You will help the Engineering team on the software delivery factory, on-premise, and on public clouds (e.g. AWS & Microsoft Azure).

  • You will have on-call support.

  • You support the DevOps culture!

  • Proficient at:

    • Learning new tools

    • Work collaboration

The day-to-day communication is done through Slack, Zoom, Github.

We manage our schedule in a sprint fashion to ensure synchronization with other teams (e.g. development and QA). 

You are keen to have discussions about Scala, Python, React, Graph, ML, data stream with our development and product team!

Our stack
  • Linux, VMWare, Docker

  • Atlassian with Jira, Confluence

  • Python, Go, Scala services

  • Redis (Stream, Pub-Sub, K/V), MariaDB, OrientDB.

  • Traefik, Consul, Virtualbox, Docker, Azure Cloud, K3S, etc.

Who you are
  • You have achieved an intermediate level in your career path and want to gear things up.

  • You are creative, highly motivated, and able to operate effectively in multiple cultural contexts.

  • You are passionate about data management.

  • You are excited to work in a growing team of a fast-moving company.

What we are looking for
  • Experience with Automation solutions with Jenkins or GitHub Actions.

  • Good knowledge of the JVM Ecosystem

  • Experience with Infrastructure-as-a-Code tools (at least tried Ansible or Terraform)

  • Experience with version control systems like Git.

  • Good knowledge in:

    • Linux commands and how Linux system architecture (network, security, packages)

    • Great knowledge of Linux Debian Packaging.

    • Experience with Python or Golang

  • Experience with remote working.

  • Proactive mindset and fast learning attitude.

  • Strong communication skills in both written and verbal English.

  • The ideal candidate will be creative, highly motivated, and able to operate effectively in multiple cultural contexts.

  • MacBook PRO 16"

  • Ticket Restaurant

  • Smart Working

  • Flexibility

  • Full remote possible (in Italy)

  • Dedicated offices in a pleasant and social active coworking