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A Guide to Understanding Data Observability

Have you ever gotten a message from your CFO asking, "What's going on? Why did sales drop 30% in one day?".

While the data may say so, you both know that it's unlikely.
More likely, it's your data that's wrong. 

Download this whitepaper to understand how Data Observability helps monitor the quality of your data usage in real time and makes it much easier to find and fix the root cause of problems.

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What you'll explore in this whitepaper

  • Different types of data issues and the impact they can have on your business
  • How to monitor the quality of your data usage in real time and avoid "datastrophes"
  • How to identify data problems, create your own quality rules, fix issues and monitor continuously
  • Typologies of information that you must observe in your data system
  • Business outcomes of Data Observability
  • What is Data Observability Driven Development and how it is revolutionizing data monitoring
"A complete report to easily discover what Data Observability is and how it can help data teams in their daily job."
Guide to understanding DO